Nanny Training

Monica’s Nannies ltd works in collaboration with  Nabrisia's Smart L@b  to provide a Full Nanny Training for your Nanny.


When you choose to hire a Nanny through Monica's Nannies, my agency offer to your Family and your chosen Nanny a Full Training covering the following points:

  • Understanding the role of the nanny: Emotional Well-Being, Attachment – Separation –Bonding

  • Nanny/Parent Relationship: Communication is the key

  • Healthy eating- Food and nutrition: Weaning, Safe weaning

  • Food hygiene – preparing the food safely, Storing and reheating food, Fussy eaters? Tips and tricks

  • Managing challenging behaviour

  • How to support children who are unwell: Sign and symptoms of ill health, Preventing secondary infections

  • Playtime : the value of Play, Different type of play and benefits, British values for children

  • British Values For Children

  • Safety at home: risk, hazard and preventive measures, Slip, trips and falls, Fire safety, Choking, strangulation, suffocation, Burns and scald, Road safety, Stop breathing, Garden safety

  • Children with Additional Needs

  • Safeguarding

  • Covid-19