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Monica's Nannies is proud to offer to all Nannies and Au Pairs a Full Support providing lots of useful hints, advises and tips on a range of childcare and family topics.

Covid-19: Supporting Nannies

​Changing of Expectation

Miscommunication with Family

Understanding the role of Nanny and Parents

Safety at home


Payroll Issues

Contract advisor

Contract templates



Nannies guide to payroll, Tax and National Insurance Number

How to apply for Ofsted registration as a Nanny

Obtaining a DBS Check

Childcare Courses guidance

Holiday entitlements

Insurance for Nannies

Introduction to Pensions for Nannies

Nanny Employment Support

Nanny CV and Cover Template

Nanny CV writer


Unfortunately, I receive daily calls, Emails and text messages from nannies and Au Pairs that have or had bad experiences with their employers, nannies being treated in an unprofessional manner on a daily basis, some of them are working without contracts and no tax and national insurance is being paid, au pairs doing many hours and unable to attend English lessons or left without notice and no place where to stay, nannies told to leave without the correct grievance procedure being followed.

Monica's Nannies want to offer full support to all those Nannies and Au Pairs in London that feel alone and mad about how they are treated from their employers.