Montessori Training



Monica’s Nannies ltd works in collaboration with  Love to Learn by Miss Giulia Bonavero  to provide an introduction to Montessori Method for your Nanny.


When you choose to hire a Nanny through Monica's Nannies, my agency offer to your Family and your chosen Nanny a First introduction to Montessori Method.

2 sessions, 1h30 each


During the first evening, we will be talking about Independence and Discipline within the Montessori method.

We will be learning about the cycle of activity, grace and courtesy and how to set up the home environment. By exploring the curriculum activities of everyday living, Nannies will go home with practical tips and ideas for games to engage and promote independence skills throughout the day.


Topic for the second session is Montessori Educational Toys.

Depending on the age of the children in care, the first discussion will involve a basic list of activities to promote the overall development of the child. 

We will carry on discussing a few basic Montessori teaching tools, such as 3 parts cards and 3 period lessons. The session will conclude mentioning early numeracy and pink series (phonics).


Classes will be delivered by Miss Giulia Bonavero, Montessori teacher and nursery owner that has been working with children for over 10 years.

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