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Monica’s Nannies offer a supportive Au Pair Service for families across London.


Monica’s Nannies agency is specialise in the recruitment of Italian Au Pairs. When it comes to choosing who will care for your children in your absence, you can never be too careful. That is why Monica’s Nannies completes thorough background checks on all my candidate. My fees are set and there are no surprises when hiring with me, unlike other agencies who charge you dependent on what you are paying your nanny. Everyone is treated the same when hiring through Monica’s Nannies, everyone gets the best and equal service no matter who you are.

1. Register at Monica's Nannies ltd

You can register at Monica's Nannies ltd for free to find your ideal Au Pair. To stand out among other families, I recommend you to make your offer interesting and competitive.

Fill in the information about your family, add some pictures to make your profile more interactive. Write your expectations for the future Au Pair and what responsibilities you would like him/her to share. If you use your mother tongue to describe your family, I recommend you not to use complicated words and elaborated structures!


2. Search for a prospective Au Pair

Monica's Nannies ltd will be happy to speak with you and discuss any further requirements. You will be sent carefully selected candidates. Detailed applications will include verified references with full supporting documentation.

3. Video Interview

After shortlisting the most suitable Au Pair candidates, it is really important to arrange a live video-call with them. This way you will get to know each other better and understand who will be the most suitable Au Pair for your family. Introduce yourself and your family to a candidate and exchange as much information as possible to ensure a successful placement.

Before the interview, think of a list of questions and topics you would like to discuss with your potential Au Pair. For instance: 

  • Childcare experience/ references

  • Family life/ friends

  • Health/ food

  • Driver’s license 

  • Homesickness and cultural differences

  • Family routine

If you are fond of a certain Au Pair during the interview, I can organise another talk to discuss more specific information about accommodation, boarding, pocket money, specific laws/rules, transportation and other important parts of the Au Pair program.

Try to talk slowly and be patient as your spoken language will not be the Au Pair's mother tongue. Learning a foreign language takes time and your Au Pair will probably make a huge effort during the conversation!

4. Sign the Au Pair contract and close other formalities

The Au Pair contract is a document containing the most important details of cooperation between an Au Pair and a Host Family. It can help you avoid many possible misunderstandings and problems during Au Pair stay. I will send you the template of the Au Pair contract via Email, you can download the template and modify it together with your Au Pair according to your requirements. 

As a Host Family you might need to submit additional documents (e.g. invitation letter) to clear the formalities. 

If you would like to help your future Au Pair with travel cost, include this note in the Au Pair contract and establish monthly instalments that will be added to the Au Pair pocket money but do not pay for the travel cost in advance! 

5. Prepare for the Au Pair’s arrival

Once all formalities are set and your Au Pair will arrive in the next few days, there are some points to take care of in advance:

  • Children -  try to explain this situation to your children and discuss the new Au Pair with them, so they can get used to him/her faster. 

  • Au Pair room - ensure the room has all the required conditions and furniture to move in and live in it. 

  • Contact details - exchange contact details with your Au Pair - mobile phone number, landline phone number, address, phone number of Au Pair’s parents so you can be connected in case of a delay or a change of plans.

I recommend you to prepare a working plan so that your Au Pair will get to know what a normal day in your family looks like. This way, the Au Pair will also have a chance to plan the free time and join any course or activity that help to socialise and do something different.

6. Meet your Au Pair and enjoy your experience

Introduce your Au Pair to your family and your daily routine. It may take a few days until the Au Pair feels more comfortable and becomes more confident. Be patient and understanding, he/she is living with a different family in a different country where the language and the culture might vary.


In order to adapt to the changes faster, I recommend to discuss with your Au Pair the following terms at the very beginning of the stay:

  • Weekly schedule what do you expect the Au Pair to do and when? 

  • Rules in your home

  • Use of the Internet / telephone

  • Language course as it is one of the requirements of the program

  • Financial issue

  • Emergency issues

Try to discuss everything in a friendly way and make your Au Pair feel comfortable enough to talk to you about anything. 


I wish you a great experience!

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