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About the DBS


The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is a public body of the UK Home Office.

Its primary purpose is to assist certain employers to make sound recruitment decisions by accessing criminal records information. DBS disclosures help to identify those who may be unsuitable to work with children and other vulnerable members of society.

The DBS came into operation in 2012, replacing the formerly known Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA).

For anyone who has been barred by the DBS it is illegal for them to work, or apply to work in the sector from which they are barred. It is also illegal for an employer in that sector to knowingly employ a worker who has been barred.

There are three levels of checks: Standard, Enhanced and Enhanced with Barred List.


DBS Checks and Ofsted Registration


As part of their mandatory registration criteria, Ofsted require an up-to-date enhanced DBS Disclosure. Previously Ofsted had included a DBS check as part of the registration process and fee however, they have omitted this from their updated registration process. Ofsted can still provide a DBS check if required but they now place a fee on this of up to £60, in addition to the current registration fee of £105.


How nannies can get a DBS check done?


Members of the public cannot obtain a DBS Disclosure directly, they must go through an approved organisation. If not obtaining one through Ofsted, Monica’s Nannies can help. The nanny will need to obtain a DBS application form from Monica’s Nannies (the agency will also be required to meet the nanny in person). Monica’s Nannies will then sends the completed form to an 'umbrella organisation' who liaise directly with the DBS.

When complete, a copy of the Disclosure is sent to the nanny/applicant who is being checked and a copy is sent to the umbrella organisation.


Cost of a DBS check


This will cost 75 £


How long it takes?


Unfortunately, it is difficult to apply a timescale on checks. Checks are thoroughly carried out by scanning police and criminal records and it largely depends on where is searched, if anything is found and if further searches are required. It can take as little as two weeks or as long as three months to complete a check. However, the DBS have stated their aim is to complete 75% of all checks within 14 days of recieving the application. Monica’s Nannies will keep you update.


Documents the applicant must provide


Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks are now called Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks.

The person going through a DBS check (the applicant) must give to Monica’s Nannies original documents (not copies) to prove their identity.


The documents needed will depend on the route the application takes. The applicant must try to provide documents from Route 1 first.


Complete your DBS check with Monica’s Nannies


Step 1: Book a time to complete your DBS check


Simply book a time and date to meet Monica’s Nannies on monicasnannies@outlook.com or contact me on to book your appointment: 07495616067. You will receive a confirmation with the receipt


Step 2: Complete the DBS application form


Candidates need to provide details including their date of birth, addresses lived in over the last 5 years and any previous surnames.


Step 3: Identity check


To complete the DBS check I will require you to bring an ORIGINAL copy of:


  • 2 X Identity documents: Passport, ID CARD OR Driving License

  • 3 x proof of address (no older than 3 months) e.g. original bank statement or utility bill.

  • National Insurance Number

  • Town and County of Birth

  • Previous 5 years addresses (UK and abroad)

  • You need to provide your address history from the past 5 years in the UK or abroad but only proof from your current address. (all documents must be original and official).





  • Mortgage Statement (UK or EEA) (12 months)

  • Bank/ Building Society Statement (UK or EEA) (3 months)

  • Bank/ Building Society Account Opening Confirmation Letter (UK)

  • Credit Card Statement (UK) (3 months)

  • Financial Statement – e.g. pension, endowment, isa, etc. (UK) (12 months)

  • P45/ P60 Statement (UK) (12 months)

  • Council Tax Statement (UK) (12 months)

  • Work Permit/ Visa (UK) (12 months)

  • Utility Bill – not mobile phone (UK) (3 months)

  • Benefit Statement – e.g. Child Allowance, Pension. (3 months)

  • A Document From Central/ Local Government/ Government Agency/ Local Authority Giving Entitlement (UK) (3 months)

  • Cards Carrying The Pass Accreditation Logo (UK)

  • Letter From Head Teacher Or College Principal (16 /17 yr olds in full time education)


Step 4: DBS Process


Once this meeting has been completed, the nanny DBS check will be processed and your employment background check will be underway.

Monica’s Nannies will contact you by email and phone once the check has been completed. This process usually takes 2-4 weeks.

To comply with data protection, a copy of the disclosure will only be given to the nanny, with the disclosure being sent to the home address provided.

You certificate will be sent to you directly from the DBS by post. This process usually takes 2 weeks.

If you are not able to come to my office


You can get your documents certified at some of the Post Offices – service called ‘Document Certification Service’ and Post Office fee is £10.50 for three documents or you can get them certified with an authorised person such as a:


· Councillor

· Minister of religion

· Dentist

· Chartered accountant

· Solicitor or notary

· Teacher

· Lecturer

**If using the Post Office service, the certified documents must be posted to: 8b Eastbourne road N15 6NT London UK - and then we’ll set up a phone call with you


Step 5: Complete the DBS Update Service


You then MUST complete the update service within 19 days to validate the check.


DBS official website with full information:




DBS update service link:





Enhanced disclosure costs £ 75 that can be paid via Pay pal or via bank transfer (please request my bank details) before the appointment.

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