Evening Babysitting 

My fees are simple; every time you book one of my fantastic babysitters you pay a booking fee. Then, after each booking, just pay the babysitter their fee based on how long the booking lasted for.


 You can make as many bookings as you like with each booking incurring a

Booking Fee of £8.

Evening Babysitting Booking fee: 

  • Evening bookings (starting after 7 pm)  - £8

  • Busy family plan: £30 per month - monthly unlimited bookings (NO MEMBERSHIP)

Extra Babysitting Service Options:

  • Daytime bookings (starting after 5 pm) - £10

  • Bookings away from home - £10

  • Last minute bookings (less than 8 hours' notice) - £10

  • Bookings lasting 12-24 hours - £25

Nanny working hours and pay

  • Evening babysitter rate: £11 per hour + evening taxi

  • Price after Midnight: £12 per hour + evening taxi

  • Special day (e.g. Christmas Eve, Mother Day etc.): £15 per hour + evening taxi

  • Late Bookings (less than 8 hours notice): £15 per hour + evening taxi

  • Special Needs babysitter: £15 per hour + evening taxi

  • 2 families same location: £20 per hour + evening taxi 

  • Hotel Babysitter: £15 per hour + evening taxi

  • Overnight Nanny: from £120

I am a parent working for parents, and have high expectations about what qualities a babysitter should have when caring for your precious children.


I want you to go out without worrying!