Temporary Positions

I can assist you with any of the following temporary roles:

  • Live Out Temporary Nannies

  • Emergency & Temporary Cover Nannies

  • School Holidays Nannies

  • Weekend Nannies

  • Overnight Nannies

  • Holidays Nannies


Temporary Booking fee:


1 day       £10.00

2 days     £15.00
3 days     £20.00 
4 days     £30.00 
5 days     £40.00

Temporary Weekend Booking fee: £20 per weekend

Temporary Holiday Nanny Booking fee: £250 per week

 Temporary Live in Nanny Booking fee: £150 per week


  • A booking of more than one week up to two months is subject to a 10% discount of the total fee payable. 

  • A booking of more than two months up to six months is subject to 30% discount of the total fee payable. 



The minimum hourly *rate for Monica’s Nannies Temporary Nannies is from

£10 per hour, depends on Nanny experience and qualification and is rounded up to the nearest half hour.


Rates are payable to the Nanny by the family at the end of the assignment. 


Different rates apply for ‘special days’ e.g. Christmas and New Year.


Temporary Live in Nanny rate from £350 per week - flat rate.


* Junior Nanny: £10/12 per hour

* Senior Nanny: £12/18 per hour

* Special Needs Nanny: £15/18 per hour

* More than 3 children: £15 per hour

* 'Special days' day nanny rate: £15 p/h

* Weekend Nanny rate: from £12 p/h

* Hotel Nanny £15 p/h

* Overnight Nanny from £120 (from 7 pm to 7 am) - flat rate

* Holiday Nanny from £15 p/h

* Booking minimum 3 hours

* VAT is currently not charged on any of my fees (Monica’s Nannies ltd is below the VAT threshold)

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