Before and After School Nanny​ - FAQ


Monica’s Nannies provide Permanent Nanny Service for families across London.


Monica’s Nannies agency, has been working within the childcare recruitment sector for many years and is proficient in headhunting only the best Nannies for your most cherished. When it comes to choosing who will care for your children in your absence, you can never be too careful. That is why Monica’s Nannies completes thorough background checks on all Nannies, ensures they have enough age related experience to be able to competently safeguard your children and is working in the industry with pure passion for the job. Being a Nanny is the most important job in the world in my eyes and only the best is acceptable for your most cherished. My fees are set and there are no surprises when hiring with me, unlike other agencies who charge you dependent on what you are paying your nanny. Everyone is treated the same when hiring through Monica’s Nannies, everyone gets the best and equal service no matter who you are.

Monica’s Nannies Ltd is proud to offer Before and After School Nanny Service in London.

My nannies offers years of experience – and are highly educated – in the care of children of all ages.

A Nanny duties include all things related to the children, from cooking meals and doing the children’s washing to helping with homework, from potty training to organising play dates.

They may also do some light housework if they are willing.

Nannies are qualified/experienced individual caring for children in the children’s home on a live out or live in basis.

A Nanny will either work alongside a parent or as a sole carer.


A Nanny is someone with sufficient qualifications, or who has a few years’ experience or a mix of both. A Nanny can look after children of all ages and should provide plenty of fun and learning opportunities in a safe environment. Opting for a Nanny as a solution to childcare, compared to other possibilities, provides a greater level of flexibility, whereby care can be extended to look after children who have been taken ill, or to accompany the family on holiday, and moreover can provide a closer relationship, resulting in a more comprehensive provision of care.

Before and after School Nannies (or Family Assistants) are a great option for you if you have school aged children. To secure a before and after School Nanny, you must offer a minimum of four to five hours per day, five days a week.

A Before and After School Nanny will get your children ready for school, do the school drop off, return home to complete some nursery duties and collect the children from school in the afternoon. In the evenings they will take the children to and from activities and play dates as required, give the children dinner and help them with their homework.

Before and After School Nannies are looking for a minimum of £350 net per week and can often be available for additional hours or babysitting for your family.

A Family Assistants/After School Nanny can be only live-out.

A Family Assistants/After School Nanny’s duties include all things related to the children, from cooking meals and doing the children’s washing to helping with homework, from potty training to organising play dates. They may also do some light housework if they are willing. A Family Assistants/After School

nanny is a qualified/experienced individual caring for children in the children’s home on a live out basis. A Nanny will either work alongside a parent or as a sole carer.

Family Assistants/After School nannies do not typically live with your family and they often study part-time or are nanny for many years and prefer only a part time position.

My after school nannies can only look after children of 3 years and over. 


• To provide a safe, secure and loving environment for the children.

• To promote and facilitate the child’s happiness and all-round development i.e. physical, intellectual, language, emotional, social and spiritual.

• To provide play activities according to the child’s age and abilities, this includes outings.

• To undertake the responsibility for the care of the children’s rooms, laundry and toys.

• To provide the child with a well-balanced diet.

• To ensure that parents’ guidelines and disciplinary rules are followed.


• Educational activities such as teaching a second language

• Arranging play-dates and social schedules

• Planning children’s extracurricular activities

• Keeping you informed of developmental progress

• Washing and ironing the children’s clothes

• Preparation of meals

• Ensuring children’s bedrooms are clean and tidy

• Homework assistance

• Shopping for the household

• Driving the children


Although there are no specific qualifications for nannies, you should expect a Nanny to hold recognised childcare qualifications such as:

· CACHE Diploma in Childcare and Education (previously known as NNEB)

· NVQ or SVQ Level 3 in Early Years Care and Education

· BTEC National Certificate or Diploma in Early Years

· BTEC Certificate in Children's Care and Education

· BTEC Higher National Certificate or Diploma in Early Childhood Studies

· A First Aid Training qualification


Monica’s Nannies believe that a Nanny can have a huge impact in a child's life. Children often look up to adults as examples of how to behave in our social world. Therefore, I am extremely selective with my nannies. I believe that a Nanny must be well spoken, well mannered, have good social skills, good common sense, must be fit and healthy, have good eating habits, good hygiene and even good posture. Most of all, I believe that being a Nanny is a vocation or career, and as such I look for passion around childcare in all my candidates.


A family should expect the following from a Nanny.


· Plan, organise, and carry out appropriate, stimulating activities for children

· Use consistent behavioural management techniques, previously discussed with the parents

· Establish or follow children's individual routines, responding to the children's personal needs.

· Discussing progress and daily activities with the parents, directly or through a daily nanny diary.

· Supervise children at all times, making sure children are always safe

· Approve any transport with the children with the parents beforehand

· Administer medication only as instructed by the parents

Hygiene, food, nursery duties

· Clean feeding equipment and sterilise if needed, keep children's bathroom, potties, toilets clean

· Teach and encourage children basic hygiene rules and bath them regularly

· Perform children's laundry

· Keep toys and child related equipment in good order. They should be in good working condition and stored in organised way

· Prepare nutritious healthy meals from scratch. Times and menu should be agreed with the parents

· Follow food hygiene principles, checking ingredients are not out of date, following standards to avoid cross contamination

· Be aware of food or other allergies

· Keep children areas clean and tidy - kitchen, play area, bedroom, bathroom

· Make the beds/cots on daily basis

· Wash and change the bedding weekly or when soiled


Yes, at prearranged times a daily Nanny is normally happy to babysit at a rate from £ 10 per hour.


In general, you can expect that Before and After School Time Nannies:

• are available to work 1-5 days per week

• Work around 3 – 6 hours per day

• Will be happy to babysit should you require it


A Junior Nanny is a younger less experienced child-carer who is responsible for the care of the children of their employers.

They are newly trained and hold less than two years’ experience in working with children and meeting their physical, social, emotional and educational needs.

Typically, a Junior Nanny can undertake all tasks related to the care of the children.

They serve as loving, nurturing and trustworthy companions to the children in the household.


I supply Before and After school nannies London-wide. A B. and A. Nanny will usually live nearby to your family or within a close travelling distance. This helps ensure punctuality and gives flexibility for babysitting and short notice requests.

Most live out nannies in London use public transport tube/bus/bike, etc. to get to and from work. Many are confident drivers and will be able to drive your children to and from school and other activities. Most often they will not have their own vehicle, so you will need to add them to your vehicle insurance


In London a Family Assistants/After School nanny will earn £12 - £15 net or £200.00 – 400.00 net per week, dependant on the nanny’s hours, experience, skills and qualifications. Rates should be agreed between the family and nanny and outlined in the contract.

Nannies salaries are always spoken about in Net terms, families are responsible for paying the Nannies Tax and NI.



Daily nannies are entitled to a minimum 28 days paid holiday.

Holiday time is taken at a mutually agreed time. Some families agree holiday time using a combination of 2 weeks the Family chooses and 2 weeks the Nanny chooses.

Responsibility as an employer The employer of a daily nanny should provide her lunch during a normal working day.

If the Nanny Works overtime, is taken on holiday, breakfast and/or dinner should also be provided.

The employer is responsible for paying the nannies tax and national insurance.




No, you can’t book a Nanny Service without registering.


A minimum booking of 4 weeks attracts quality child carers to look after your children.



A minimum booking of 4 weeks attracts quality child carers to look after your children.

Preferred Replacement length:

  • 3 months (included in the price)

  • 6 months (extra) £ 200

  • 12 months (extra) £ 400

Trial Day booking Fee (client pays the nannies hourly rate) £ 30.00


VAT is currently not charged on any of my fees (Monica’s Nannies is below the VAT threshold).


The Placement fee is payable once an offer of employment has been accepted in order to confirm your booking.


· I require a minimum of two proofs of identity

· I verify relevant qualifications, where possible

· I speak to a minimum of two previous employers

· I require a valid First Aid Certificate as well as CRB (enhanced Police check). In the situation where a candidate does not hold either of these, I require candidates to sign that they are happy to obtain these

· As well as formal checks, I personally interview all applicants and use my knowledge, skills and experience to gauge their suitability for the position.