Au Pair Costs

ADMINISTRATIVE FEE: £30 upfront non refundable fee


AU PAIR - max 30 hours of help each week  - PLACEMENT FEE

PLACEMENT FEE                       


up to 3 months £ 550

up to 6 months £ 650

up to 12 months £ 750

Summer Au Pair (June to September) £ 650

Provision of a verifiable reference and photos of bedroom, house and family enables you to receive 10% discount on the total fee payable.

If you want an Au Pair to stay for 12 months you need to also offer a completion bonus equivalent to at least 1 weeks pocket money.

Full replacement and support guarantee for the entire period of the Au pair placements! 


The host family must collect the Au Pair from the airport when he/she first arrives. If this is absolutely not possible then the family must arrange and pay for the Au pair’s collection from their arrival terminal.


The Au Pair program requires the Host Family to provide the Au Pair with a private room throughout the whole Au Pair experience abroad.


The Au Pair room should:

  • be minimum 8 sq. m.

  • have a window with natural daylight

  • have a proper heating system

  • be sufficiently furnished

  • be private - for the Au Pair's exclusive use

Most importantly, the Au Pair room must be part of the same house/apartment of the family.


Host Family cannot deduct any money from the live in Au Pair wage for providing accommodation. 


Monica's Nannies requires the Host Family to provide and pay for it the Au Pair with an English class (community college or private school).

How much does it cost to host an Au pair?

An Au pair receives free board and lodging in your home as a fully integrated family member with his or her own room. In addition, Au pairs receive a customary amount of pocket money that is typically between 80 and 100 £ per week. 

These are standard cost factors to have in mind: 

  • Room and board in your home

  • Weekly Au pair pocket money

  • Contributions to language course

  • Au pair insurance

  • Possible contributions to local transport costs (£ 20 per month)